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Legal Services

  • Registration, inspection and enforcement (including applications to register or vary; provider meetings with CQC / CSSIW etc, prosecutions, appeals to the Tribunal, and achieving settlements)
  • Fees disputes: surveys and methodologies, RAS (resource allocation systems), evolving an effective strategy
  • Public Consultations: research, responses and challenges
  • Contracts: drafting or reviewing arrangements with self-funders, local authorities and the NHS
  • Debt recovery: self-funders, top ups, local authorities, CCGs / Health Boards; including where there are issues of capacity, awaiting property sale or where there has been a sudden change in funding arrangements
  • Safeguarding & performance monitoring: referrals, embargoes, escalating concerns
  • Policies and procedures: reviewing, drafting, training
  • Disputes with suppliers
  • Audit service: carrying out 'dry run' inspections of your service
  • Consultancy service: to architects, builders or other lawyers in relation to regulated care
  • Preparation for Coroner's inquests or attending criminal proceedings as observer
  • Freedom of Information Act requests, reviews and complaints procedures
  • Crisis and media management: 'secret filming', unwanted media coverage, injunctions
  • Complaints investigations